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Since 1996, CareSource has provided exceptional care, home evaluations and the delivery and pick-up of medical equipment to patients in the home, long-term care facilities and hospices in the area. In 2003, CareSource added an additional office location in Tulsa to serve a wider range of patients residing in Oklahoma.

Our qualifications and accreditations include:

  • Recognized by Medicare to meet the home medical needs of seniors
  • Meets all Medicare Supplier Standards
  • Licensed Respiratory Therapist on staff
  • Accredited by HQAA
  • Required annual staff training
  • CareSource complies with Section 1557 of the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act. The law prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in certain health programs or activities. For more information, please visit our resources page.

Meet Our CareSource Oklahoma City Team

Larry Pierce, President and Executive Director

Larry and his wife Kathy have six children, Bretton, Wade, Leigha, Marianne, Julia, and John Paul.

Larry has a passion for golf, is a huge Oklahoma State University sports fan and enjoys high school football and basketball so much that he volunteers his time to call all the home games for his children’s high school.

Laura Trammell-Dawson, Vice President of Operations

Tonya Averyt, Human Resources

Brent Merritt, Special Projects Coordinator

Joshua Turner, Oklahoma City Operations Manager

Jordan Sheppard, Oklahoma City Logistics Coordinator

Michael Ross, Warehouse Technician Supervisor  

David Lobaugh, Asset Recovery Coordinator

Ryan Wolf, Assistant Asset Recovery Coordinator

Anthony Olson, Clinical Assistant

Customer Service Representatives

  • LaTeresa Anderson
  • Tyler Ewart
  • Mindy Hall
  • Bobbie Sams
  • Shai Schumacher
  • Marti Sherrill
  • Mistie VanSchuyver

Delivery Technicians

  • Bailey Burns
  • Jeremy Coleman
  • Chris Desrochers
  • Ricky Findley
  • David LoBaugh
  • Colt Manske
  • Mario Navarro
  • Joseph Raub
  • Zach Ray
  • Harry Singh
  • Neal Stetson
  • Noah Trotter
  • Chris Truman
  • Craig Voda

Warehouse Technicians

  • Louis LeFleur
  • David Huffman
  • Ron Gross
  • Bradlee Canfield
  • Jacob Massey

Discover Our Tulsa CareSource Team

Meacham Pool, Director of Business Development

He has over 10 years of management and consulting experience within corporate finance as well as the medical field. He and his wife Amy have two wonderful sons and he enjoys OU football and playing golf. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

James Willis, Tulsa Operations Manager 

Kenyon Wytch, Delivery Technician Supervisor

Austin Stanley, Delivery Technician Supervisor

Joel Cunningham, Warehouse Technician Supervisor

Brady Cogdell, Tulsa Logistics Coordinator

Don McCoy, Special Projects Coordinator

Joe Birmingham, Asset Recovery Specialist

Beverly Brandenburg, RRT, Respiratory Therapy & Marketing

Customer Service Representatives

  • Lisa George
  • Marie Plunk
  • Scott Davis
  • Tiffanee Cabrera

Delivery Technicians

  • Ben Austin
  • Joshua Bro
  • Alvie Clark
  • Jerry Cockrell
  • Victor Collins
  • Charles Deere
  • Clifford Dickerson
  • Matt Dixon
  • Tony Dollison
  • Ben Ford
  • Greggory Forsberg
  • Hugo Hernandez
  • Singleton Jordan
  • Phillip Kingsbury
  • Robert Lemoine
  • Roberts Mathews
  • Donald McCoy
  • Joe McFarland
  • Jimmy McKenzie
  • Allen Pierce
  • Steven Powell
  • Carl Self
  • Austin Stanley
  • Johnathan Wheeler
  • Orlando Witham
  • KeShon Witham
  • Victor Wood

Warehouse Technicians

  • Cameron Schmitz
  • Roberty Lemoine
  • Raul Aguila
  • William Beams